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Bathroom Renovation



We do not stop working until our customers are satisfied and that is our guarantee. While your work is to dream and choose, our work is to turn it into reality.

Pittsburgh Property Remodelers believes in giving you a bathroom Remodeling that you are proud of. We aim to provide you a luxury bathroom with all the functionalities in the world. From the first step until the very last finish, we guarantee our work quality!

Bathroom remodeling services to improve your home

Whenever you choose Pittsburgh Property Remodelers over other contractors, you choose to work with a dedicated team that remodels and installs the newest, functional, and most aesthetic bathroom products. In addition to full bathroom renovations here are some other bathroom remodeling services we offer:

Shower replacement service

We can install a brand-new shower in your bathroom in as little as 3 days. Our team has 10+ years of experience in working with homeowners so they can give exactly the bathroom look they want. Be it their desirable tubs or showers, Pittsburgh Property Remodelers aims to make the restroom as functional and aesthetic as possible. We quickly replace old showers and use high-quality bathroom products that last for many years.

Walk-in shower installation service

We offer a walk-in shower installation service so you can live in style. Our walk-in shower installation is safe and comes in a variety of accessible options. We create a shower place that does not only reduce the water mess but also protects you against accidental falls and slips in the bathroom.

Shower tub

We offer a wide variety of tubs to choose from. Even if you are short of space, we can configure the bathroom setting and manage to make your tub as functional and pleasing as possible

Bathroom countertop installation service

From exotic stone countertops to simple granite the possibilities with us are endless when it comes to choosing the countertop for your bathroom remodeling project. Our highly-qualified team will help you to find the one that you want. 

Bathroom cabinets

Quality yet trendy bathroom vanities and cabinets for your bathroom remodel project. In addition to that, we help you create the whole look beforehand. This way, you can see exactly how your dream bathroom will turn out to be.

Tile and Flooring

we offer a wide variety of Tile flooring, Tile shower and backsplash to choose from. or we can install the one that you want or have, we works as a team together to bring your home to the next level.

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