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Kitchen Remodeling

At Pittsburgh Property Remodelers, we’ve worked closely with homeowners in the Pittsburgh/Surrounding area for years. Together we will create a unique, functional, eye-catching kitchen that works for you.

Whether your kitchens in need of minor updates or a complete redesign, our dedicated, team of designers and builders are here for you.

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Basement Remodeling

There’s no shortage of reasons to convert your raw basement into something more purposeful and attractive. It could be as straightforward as just increasing the usable room in your home or adding a stunning bathroom and kitchen space. From a theater room to your personal gym, the options are endless!

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Bathroom Remodeling

Designing your dream bathroom is a collaborative process. Together we’ll establish your needs and discuss your project ideas. With our expert guidance, you’ll be involved every step of the way. From figuring out the floorplan to selecting materials to finalizing decorative touches, we want you to feel confident that we’re realizing your vision.

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Whole House Remodel

Fortunately, you don’t have to live in an ill-suited or suboptimal space. And moving isn’t your only option to address the disconnect between you and your living space.

Doing a whole-home remodel is an excellent way to make your current home work for you and your family. Plus, there are many benefits to staying where you are and tailoring your home to your preference. You’ll end up with exactly what you want and need. Every day you’ll be surrounded by a space that actually reflects ​you.​

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